Our 20 Founder Members are a group of chefs, restaurants and suppliers we work with towards better menus and a more sustainable restaurant industry in the Cape Town region. We have chosen hotels, cafes, suppliers, bistros, fine dining, farm to table and speciality restaurants that all endeavour in different spaces to provide the best food they can for their particular market.

1. Dear Me

2. Pool Room at Oak Valley

3. Delaire Graff

4. Societi Bistro

5. Starlings cafe

6. The Vineyard

7. Shoreline Cafe

8. Fresh at Paul Cluver

9. Foodbarn & Deli

10. Table at De meye

11. Frankie Fenner

12. Overture

13, Farmer Angus

14. El Burro

15. Wild Peacock

16. Waterkloof

17. Haute Cabriere

18. Crush cafe

19. IYO Burgers

20. The Mount Nelson


They have all been chosen by Longtable Project for their commitment to more sustainable menu choices and the personal ethos of the chefs and restaurant owners.