Longtable project is a social enterprise inspired by the desire to create a space that will support the Cape town restaurant industry to collaborate and become more sustainable in sourcing food, using resources and connecting with the community.

Why sustainability?

Globally restaurants and consumers are supplying and demanding food that addresses environmental and social concerns such as climate change,
resource depletion and ecological degradation.

The Top 10 trends identified by the NRA 2013 Chef Survey and the Ogilvy Sustainability Study support that sustainability in the food industry is a growing trend. Chefs rate local food and environmental sustainability and consumers increasingly care where their food comes from and how it is produced. In particular, tourists may give preference to restaurants that value these concerns. (The Sustainable Restaurant Association in London has over 1000 members – thesra.org)

Longtable Project will help your restaurant be more sustainable so that you can focus on the day-to-day running of your business in difficult trading conditions. This will help you save on resource usage, become more resilient and win new customers.

Why Restaurants?

Restaurants can control flows of energy, food and waste, support people and the environment, as well as communicate and educate consumers. Restaurants connect consumers to their food and make decisions about where the food comes from, how it will be prepared and disposed of, and who will engage in that preparation.