The problem of Significant Differences l Or how do you create meaningful change and allow everyone to be at the table?

It is the movement, the change the journey, the year on year improvement that is important Henry Dimbledy

Longtable project needs committed members to create meaningful shifts in the industry. If levels of commitment are prescribed membership will be limited. Most restaurants are so busy trying to keep afloat and don’t have the time and energy to venture into new waters.

The conundrum is wanting as many restaurants to become members of Longtable project. To allow for this the bar needs to be set low enough to allow entry for a range of restaurants , some who may be well on the path to sustainability while others have done very little.

According to John Grant in co-opportunity progressive standards allow for an accessible entry point followed by steeper improvements over time. Consumers have to learn to reward brands along the continuum: those starting out, gradually improving and the shining stars.

The long table project is inspired by the SRA in London. Their mission is to open their doors and then to work with any restaurants who commit to becoming more sustainable. There are so many restaurants in Cape Town showing a commitment to more sustainable practices that the Longtable project would love to showcase and support.