tjintjing.jpgWe have been inspired in the last two weeks to meet up with well-known local chefs such as Vanessa Marx, Chris Erasmus, Rudi Liebenberg, Stefan Marais, PJ Vadas & Chris Campbell. We are still looking forward to meeting many more. Apart fromthe great food they produce,amongst this small group of chefs we have so much of { good for the environment isgood for the food}. Despite the challenges all the themes of sustainable practice are evident in their work.

  • Foraging
  • Seasonal Produce
  • Farming and growing their own
  • Reducing waste & recycling
  • Supporting small & local producers
  • Ethically farmed meat
  • Community minded

Admittedly many of these chefs have worked themselves into establishments where they have control of the menu and their resources which leads to indirect influence over the customer. Others may not be as fortunate.These chefs see this opportunity..duty..obligation ..and passion through their menus to demonstrate and educate the public as to what is important. Rockstar-activists. Salut.