The restaurant guidebook we used for our New York trip this July was called Clean Plates Manhattan 2013. (Jared Koch). It ties in with the theme that what is good for the environment is good food. Some of the insights that drive their guidebook (pg 7) include:

  • eating well is the best way to improve quality of life
  • healthy eating can be enjoyable and satisfying
  • select higher quality versions of whatever you are currently consuming
  • start with food that is fresh, non-toxic & mostly plant-based
  • small improvements over time lead to significant change
  • whats good for you is usually good for the environment
  • reducing artificial , chemical laden foods will have quick results

The guidebook was a result of  nutritionist, Jared Koch recommending ‘healthy restaurants’ to his clients and finding they felt better for it. Its hard to stick to an eating programme at home and then not be able to sustain it when eating out. The guide only supports food that is healthy and tastes good.

What restaurants in Cape Town would make the Clean Plates guide?