We sandwiched the Sustainability Conference in-between a few days in Copenhagen where we had a snapshot experience of the local food scene. In short: for the places we ate at we found that the basic experience and service levels were pared down but with an emphasis on exceptional quality of the raw produce used and attention to detail with regard to the preparation of the food.

We started our day at TorvehallerneKBH , a high quality food market located in two greenhouse-style  halls with fresh produce available in the plaza between the  covered halls and about 80 vendors in the covered spaces. We were able to sample a lot of the regional produce, meet the owners and producers and enjoy an upmarket yet accessible food experience.











The quality of the produce was exceptional – potatotoes, tomatoes , berries, asparagus, rhubarb, ripe and green strawberries and luscious cherries were on display. Fresh, local, clean and perfectly ripened. Butchers clearly stated the origin of their meat, mostly from Denmark but with certain cuts of  steak imported from America. The Fiskerajen fish market had an impressive display of fish for sale, fresh and prepared.  We couldn’t help but notice the spectacular variety of breads and pastries, artisanal produce of every imaginable composition.


Favourites from Jaegersborggade in our neighbourhood like Coffee Collective and Grod, a local porridge bar. We spoke to the founder of Grod, Lasse Anderson about the challenges of a small food business. The secret: do one thing and do it well (in this case porridge, in any variation, including risotto later in the day) with slight variations: exceptional ingredients and attention to preparation from scratch, and affordable pricing. Hands on attention by the owner also counts for a lot.











We walked away with an insight into the Danish notion of simplicity and uncompromising quality, ready to enjoy the Nordic Food scene at Bror, relae and Manfreds. From a longtable perspective loved the small, local, meet the producer approach.