Social Entrepreneurs as Groundbreakers

Longtable Project was in part inspired by The Power of Unreasonable Men, John Elkington and Pamela Hartigan’s book on the social entrepreneur. Who are these entrepreneurs and what drives them? These entrepreneurs are inspirational because they are driven to fix seemingly insurmountable problems and work at creating value in multiple levels -economic, social and environmental. To do this requires disrupting the established way of doing things and creating new ways of working and innovative business models to break the norm. To do this they may need to :

  • break with traditional ways of doing things
  • innovate to find new approaches to social problems
  • jump in before being fully resourced
  • value sharing innovations and insights with others
  • display a healthy impatience for change (E & H:5)

They are fixers -solutions for unusual solutions to unsolved problems in unlikely places. .We consider ourselves inspired. The book has numerous case studies of entrepreneurs being unreasonable, and succeeding. Good for these entrepreneurs in new spaces, we need them.