Sustainable Actions are actions restaurants commit to that involve shifts in behaviour with regard to food, resources, people or communication.

Many of these actions will improve a restaurant’s profitability, others its reputation. These are all attainable and include:

  • Change menu every season to incorporate seasonal produce
  • Incorporate more vegetarian items on the menu
  • Reduce food items that are produced with high external inputs
  • Grow your own vegetables and herbs
  • Source free range produce where possible
  • Support the Slow Food movement – membership
  • Partake in SASSI training programme
  • Conduct an audit of energy usage for lighting, heating, cooking, HVAC
  • Analyse menu for more efficient cooking methods
  • Analyse cooking equipment schedule to maximise use and minimise downtime
  • Set goals and monitor energy usage
  • Use energy saving lighting
  • Turn food waste into compost if unsuitable for consumption
  • Buy equipment and furniture second hand
  • Send packaging back to suppliers if possible
  • Obtain and communicate certifications where appropriate
  • Community: create social and environmental initiatives
  • Use multiple vehicles to reach consumer – all contact points

Longtable Project will help restaurants assess which actions are most valuable to the values and positioning of the restaurant brand. Longtable membership will help publicise these actions to consumers and other interested parties.